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Established in 1998, TGM Travel Group is one of the UK’s top group & school snow sport holiday providers. Each year, TGM school ski holidays provide rewarding skiing and snowboarding experiences for hundreds of children and adults across the UK.  

Working closely with teachers, parents and students, the knowledgeable and friendly TGM team of ex-teachers and ski instructors will guide even the most inexperienced trip leader through the whole process, ensuring key requirements are met and providing schools everything they need to enjoy safe, educational visits year after year. 

A variety of holiday packages are available, from school ski, and summer holidays, to corporate team building weeks, and bespoke holidays are easily arranged, just get in touch with your ideas. 

Our family snowsport holidays are based around fun and involvement, appealing to all age groups from 7 to 70+! Our annual New Year trip is always a sell out tour and see the same faces year after year.

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