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Snowsports Quiz 2021

The amazing TGM SNOWSPORTS QUIZ 2021

Whilst we can’t be up in the mountains just yet we can dream of our future trips.

Why not take part in the TGM 2021 quiz and see if you can win one of three free places at the Chillfactore? A free lesson or a free recreational session of your choice, to be taken on one of our Sunday night sessions once the Chillfactore is back open and running.

To enter please send us an email to with your answers in order and don’t forget the tie-break answer. You can also private / direct message us on social media. Please include your name and contact details.


  1. Name the four ski resorts which encompass the New Year ‘Four Hills Ski Jumping Tournament’? One point for each.
  2. In which ski resort would you find the famous Cresta Run?
  3. What name is given to the toboggan with no steering or brakes ridden in a lying down position, face up?
  4. What nationality was the world and Olympic ice figure skating champion Katarina Witt?
  5. Name three key points of safety from the ski way code? One point for each.
  6. Bansko is the largest ski area in which European country?
  7. Which three ski resorts make up Frances 3 Valleys Ski area? One point for each.
  8. Only one British Downhill skier has ever managed a podium place on the world downhill circuit. Name the person and the resort in which it took place? One point for each.
  9. Which Company is said to have been the first to organise Ski package holidays from the UK to the Alps?
  10. Which famous ski club was formed in Mürren, Switzerland in 1924?
  11. Jake Burton is largely credited with inventing which snow sport?
  12. On which 3 downhill world cup courses would you encounter the following A) The Kernen S. B) The Camel Bumps. C) The Steilhang Cliff? One point for each.
  13. Which popular European ski resort do they celebrate Christmas in by dropping a lit tree in the lake and then sending divers in to retrieve it?
  14. Which James Bond film features a chase on skis from the famous revolving restaurant on the Schilthorn?
  15. In terms of most km of ski runs, which is Scotland’s largest resort?
  16. Apart from skiing, what other Olympic sport takes place on a ‘Piste’?
  17. In which country and in what year were the first Winter Olympic games held?
  18. Name three ski brands that are named after a) a weather phenomenon, b) a stronghold or type of fortress, c) a Mountain located on the China/ Pakistan border? One point for each.
  19. Which World and Olympic competitor ironically became famous from failure?
  20. For what purpose was the twin tip ski initially invented?
IMPORTANT – Tie Break Question – What is the birthday of Blake the famous TGM office dog – just the day and the month please.


Rules – The three responses which have the highest number of correct answers and if necessary the nearest guess (in number of days) from the tie-break answer will win. If four or more responses are the same then three will be drawn at random to win the prizes. There is no financial alternative to the prizes and we will not enter into discussion. The prize winners will be notified in the same way as they entered the competition. ie return email or private / direct message on social media. You may enter more than once. Entries close 31 March 2021.